About me

Front end development is my bread and butter, this encompasses everything from HTML to build the structure of the page, to CSS to style the page and make it look beautiful and then throwing some JavaScript on top to make the page more interactive.

Coupling this with some some great back end integration skills for hooking into CMS / e-Commerce systems, or PHP, .net, Java / JSP systems.

Also, the right hand side of my brain comes into play with when it comes to UI / UX, as over my years of working with the Web, I know what works and what doesn't work.

UI / Front End Developer
July 19 - Present

Collaborate with the UX Designer to produce email campaigns (MailChimp), lightboxes and landing pages for clients, allowing them to personalise user journeys on their websites and increase cart values, conversion rates etc. Designs are provided in Sketch, which are then translated into code / assets and added to the custom CMS solution. This process also includes updating Vue.js templates. Additional tasks include analysis of current pages to advise clients on SEO, page loads times etc.

Skills used

HTML, CSS (Stylus), Bootstrap, JavaScript & Vue

UI / Front End Developer
Feb 19 - Apr 19

Used HTML, CSS (SCSS), Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery to create front end templates (using Nunjucks templating / Gulp builds) for an Episerver CMS migration project from the clients existing website. Additionally was required to work with the design director on recommending and implementing UX improvements to existing elements of the site as part of the migration. The role was client facing, in an agile scrum project.

Skills used

HTML, CSS (SCSS), Bootstrap JavaScript & jQuery

Vacation Rentals (Hoseasons)
Front End Developer
Oct 18 - Dec 18

Redeveloped the checkout UI to make it modular so it could be used across the whole range of websites, including, but not limited to, www.hoseasons.co.uk and www.cottages.com.

Skills used

HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript & jQuery

Front End Developer
Feb 16 - Aug 18

Redeveloped various parts of the Aviva website, including, but not limited to, the NEST comparison and the workplace pension quote journey for direct customers and advisors, and various personal pension tools including Shape My Future and the Life Expectancy Calculator.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Front End Developer
Sep 15 - Dec 15

Initially focussed on pre Christmas promotions and the creation of new pages / content to drive traffic to this area of the site. Once this was complete, was then tasked with creating new pages for Christmas (dynamic shipping date pages) and post Christmas sale content.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop, AJAX, JSON

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Euromoney PLC
Front End Developer
Mar 13 - July 15

Most of the companies exising websites were not responsive. My remit was to retrofit responsive stylesheets to a number of the groups websites, to ensure the sites were usable on mobile and tablet devices.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Photoshop

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EE - Orange
Front End Developer
July 12 - December 12

Brought in to make improvements and adding new sections to the existing website. Major projects included the iPhone5 section and launch, the updated Home Broadband section. Was also involved in the Everything Everywhere rebrand, including the disaster recovery website.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript (including Mootools library), Photoshop

The White Company
Front End Developer
Mar 12 - July 12

Brought in as an additional resource to the team for the site rebuild. The existing site was built using nested div's and tables, this was completely rebuilt using HTML5 tags, and optimising for tablet and mobile usage. Specific areas of responsibility included the checkout, category, gift and search portions of the site. Additional tasks included updating the shopping basket and the help section.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery), Photoshop

Everything Everywhere - T-Mobile
Front End Developer
Nov 11 - Jan 12

Brought in to make improvements and update the website. Specific tasks included, but were not limited to, the construction of HTML emails, January sales, SIM only and "what's hot".

Skills used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and Photoshop

Web Developer
2009 - 2011

Was initially involved in project to update the design of the whole range of Dyson websites. Once this project was complete, was the sole front end developer on various projects and new product launches.

In addition, was also responsible as the main developer for the construction of the new www.jamesdysonfoundation.com website, a site focusing on the the promotion of design and engineering, including the showcase of the James Dyson Awards.

Skills used

HTML, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript (including jQuery), Photoshop

Client Side Developer (Intranet)
2007 - 2008

Various Intranet projects including a redesign of the navigation system, adding new content areas / microsites and building an internal job search (based on CSV / Dojo due to technical limitations / restrictions). Involved in the full project lifecycle.

Skills used

HTML and CSS, to W3C standards, JavaScript (including Dojo library), Photoshop